Canon adds a splash of colour to homes and offices with new calculator models

London, UK, 14 January 2015 – Canon today unveils a vibrant new collection of mini calculators, the K-series mini LS-100K range, which continues the K-series’ original concept of embracing colour and lifestyle. Canon also introduces the 2015 limited edition LS-123K Yellow, designed to enhance both home and office interiors for those who appreciate a burst of bright colour.

K-series mini LS-100K range LS-123K Yellow

The little things in life count – the K-series mini LS-100K
With a sleek and modern design, the new K-series mini models combine easy-to-use calculator functions with a fun, compact body that will enliven home and office environments. Whatever your style, there’s a choice of four refreshing colours – green, blue, pink and orange – complemented with a sleek metallic finish on the upper case. The mini body, measuring just 118.5mm by 83mm, incorporates everything you need for your sums, with a large 10 digit LCD that displays equations, dedicated buttons for adding or subtracting tax, and a grand total memory feature, helping you tackle common calculations. 

2015 exclusive – LS-123K Yellow
Created for those that enjoy a splash of colour, the new LS-123K Yellow is a 2015 limited edition model joining the existing LS-123K series of calculators. Offering the same intuitive functionality as the current range, the  LS-123K Yellow includes a 12 digit touchpad and a large LCD display that makes calculations easy to read, alongside the helpful addition of a built in tax function.

Environmentally conscious design
Both new models have been designed with the environment in mind and use a combination of both solar and battery power to keep you working for longer. Like over half of the Canon calculator range, the LS-100K and LS-123K Yellow are also part manufactured from recycled Canon materials.

  • Stylish design with lifestyle concept
  • 10 digit mini desktop calculator
  • Large display
  • Grand total & tax functions
  • Part-manufactured from Canon recycled product material 

LS-123K key features:
  • Stylish body design 
  • 12 digits and tax function
  • Grand total memory 
  • Dual power (solar and battery)
  • 82 x 22.5mm LCD screen 
  • Part-manufactured from Canon recycled product material 

Mer informasjon
LS-100K - bilder
LS-123K - bilder
LS-100K - spesifikasjoner Sheet [PDF, 47 KB]
LS-123K - spesifikasjoner Sheet [PDF, 49 KB]
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