Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i / CR-190i UV

imageFORMULA CR-190i / CR-190i UV

When accuracy, speed and quality are important, the Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i / CR-190i UV offer the ideal solution. Advanced features like MICR supported by OCR ensure consistent batch scanning of cheques, vouchers and coupons. The CR-190i UV offers the additional benefit of UV sensors that help prevent cheque fraud.


  • High-speed scanning: up to 190 cheques per minute.
  • Precise simultaneous reading with MICR and OCR.
  • High-quality imprinting via the 4-line built-in imprinter.
  • Straightforward maintenance and integration.

Detaljerte funksjoner

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High-speed scanning

The imageFORMULA CR-190i / CR-190i UV has been designed to offer banks and retailers fast, efficient and reliable scanning. With speeds of up to 190 cheques per minute, the CR-190i / CR-190i UV are ideal for batch scanning, while their ultrasonic double feed detection reduces misreading and omissions. These features will help to increase productivity and efficiency in your back office workflows.

Accurate reading

MICR supported by OCR ensures a high standard of image reading. The 99.9%* MICR read accuracy helps prevent costly errors by making sure that cheque data is read first time - before originals are removed from circulation.

High-quality outputs

Fine Text Filtering captures images accurately, even from documents with patterned backgrounds, to ensure best quality.

Versatile performance

The CR-190i / CR-190i UV's high-volume document feeder accepts up to 250 documents at a time; while the built-in jogger assures continuous jam-free scanning. Compatibility with a wide range of non-cheque documents like envelopes, retail vouchers and marketing coupons makes the CR-190i / CR-190i UV ideal for busy banking and retail environments.

Flexible imprinting

A 4-line built-in imprinter for high-quality bitmap images and text gives you a flexible choice of imprinting capabilities. With the activation of the SDK, the CR-190i / CR190i UV can dynamically print using MICR results in one motion, therefore improving productivity.

Helping banks prevent fraud

The CR-190i UV is equipped with UV sensors that can scan anti-fraud patterns printed on cheques with UV ink. It allows two images to be captured simultaneously - a black and white or greyscale image and a UV image - at a high-speed rate of up to 160cpm.

Easy to maintain

Side opening makes maintenance tasks like cartridge changes, paper jams and cleaning simple to accomplis


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