Canon LS-123T


LS-123T' useful features are complemented by a choice of four vivid colours that enhance your home interior or office decor.


  • Choice of four vivid colours pink, blue, green and orange
  • Versatile design that can complement your home or office environment
  • Large 12-digit display with tax function
  • Dual power

Detaljerte funksjoner

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Smart, modern design

LS-123T a mini desktop calculator adds a premium feel to your home or office. A stylish 12-digit desktop calculator features an upright angled display and offers tax calculation function. Creates identity and personality by dynamic four colours: blue, pink, green and orange.

Practical features

A large 12-digit LCD display and intuitive functions make the LS-123T calculators easy to use at home and at work. Dedicated buttons for adding or subtracting tax, and a grand total memory feature, make these calculators practical as well as visually appealing.


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12 - digits

12 - sifre

Tax Calculation


Grand total memory

Minne for totalbeløp

Dual Power

Dobbel strømkilde

Large Display

Stor skjerm

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