Hunkeler Roll Feeder

Hunkeler Roll Feeder

Produce large quantities of printed documents without frequent operator intervention.
Roll feeding is an invaluable addition to the printer paper trays, allowing the cutsheet printer to run continuously without reloading.


  • The Hunkeler roll feeder matches the speed of the fastest printers.
  • It is ideally suited to busy in-house print rooms or production printing environments.

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Increase paper supply with a Hunkeler roll feeder

The Hunkeler roll feeder is a versatile system ideally suited to production printers. Consisting of a roll feeder and unwinder to increase the paper supply to your printer, saving considerable time in the process. Paper handling is reduced significantly and reloading rolls is quick and simple.

Versatile roll feeder and unwinder

A sheet feeder makes a printer’s life simple. The Hunkeler roll feeder accommodates most standard media types. Single sheets can be cut to length for any size the printer handles, including special formats.
A print registration option is available for pre-printed media, to ensure that printing is correctly positioned. A left or right feed option is available so the system will fit in almost anywhere.

Simple and complete roll feeding system

The Hunkeler roll feeder consists of an unwinder and sheet feeder that accurately cuts the paper into sheets before they enter the printer.
The unwinder comes complete with the correct shaft for the specified paper roll. Up to eight additional paper trays can be provided for inserts, special media and for other jobs.
Options include a print registration module for pre-printed media and left or right feeding modules to ensure the system fits into the space available.


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