Canon FPA-3030i5+


The FPA-3030 platform represents an upgrade to earlier Canon FPA-3000 platform steppers. The FPA-3030i5+ features an overhauled software structure and electrical control system that allow application of optional advanced hardware (e.g., projection lens, wafer stage, and alignment system) that is not compatible with traditional FPA-3000 platform steppers.


  • Imaging system provides 0.35µm resolution with a flexible optical system and lens.
  • Enhancements help provide alignment accuracy and reliability.
  • Supports optional equipment designed to process special environmentally-conscious device substrates.
  • Electrical control system and software are modernized to help support future semiconductor manufacturing.

Detaljerte funksjoner

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Canon FPA-3030 platform provides performance and productivity improvements.

The FPA-3030i5+ is capable of providing imaging resolution below 0.35 microns, while maintaining overlay accuracy of less than or equal to 40nm and throughput equal to or in excess of 104 wafers per hour. Canon developed the FPA-3030i5+ system to meet and exceed the imaging, overlay and productivity requirements of environmentally-conscious device and MEMS manufacturers.


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