Product Implementation Services

Start smart. No matter what level of support you require, we’ll give you help to install, configure and become familiar with new technology and system integration.

Product Implementation Services

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Device Installation Services

Saving you time and resources, we offer a range of professional services for the implementation of new print, scan and document management solutions.

  • Box Drop
  • Basic Carrier Installation
  • Standard Plug and Play Installation
  • Advanced Installation
  • Freight and Delivery Special Service
  • Device Hardening Service
  • Internal Controller Configuration Service

Solution Implementation Services

Outsource the implementation of new solutions to a Canon specialist to ensure a smooth development and transition process.

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    Solution Implementation

    When the standard is not enough and you need something special, we can deliver a bespoke implementation of your new software solution based on your specific requirements.

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    Solution Onboarding and Implementation

    Avoid those frustrating continuity problems by using services that ensure Canon devices are quickly up and running.

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    Solution Change and Upgrade

    Product-specific configuration services that deliver rapid changes to an existing application or solution.

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    Solution Integration

    The easy way to connect Canon products to internal or external solutions such as an ERP system or a middleware software.

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    Solution Learn and Experience

    Expert support to set up a solution effectively, fine-tune the configuration and ensure it realises its full potential.

  • Project Management Services

    Support with the implementation of a new product management plan to help ensure business continuity and increased user satisfaction.

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    Project Management

    Taking the pressure off your overworked IT Resources, our support can help you stay productive during times of change.

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    Project Coordination

    Coordinating deployment for less complex projects (remote or on-site) or supporting you with larger international projects.

  • Customer Training Services

    Tailor your training with a wide range of solutions including face-to-face sessions, webinars, group learning and train the trainer programmes.

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    Related Services

    Whether you want a complete package of support or just an individual service, we can help you get the most from your Canon solution.

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    Product Support and Maintenance Services

    If anything should happen to your hardware or software, our experts are on hand to quickly get things working again.

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    Product and Data Removal Services

    Move, add, change and dispose of any redundant Canon devices and software quickly and with minimum fuss.

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    Consultancy Services

    Start Smart. Through our consultancy services, we provide a detailed analysis of your print and scan infrastructure with continual recommendations of ways to optimise your technical solutions.

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