uniFLOW sysHUB

A powerful software solution that automates, monitors and manages your business-critical document processes and information flows
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Take control of your document and communication processes

uniFLOW sysHUB integrates with multiple systems via a manageable workflow, giving you control over entire document processes from a single platform.

Key benefits

Discover how the scalable sysHUB solution can help your organisation take full workflow control and streamline processes to save time and minimise errors.

  • Flexible Process Automation

    Automate various document processes according to your business needs via a consistent sysHUB workflow. Save time and reduce the chance of errors compared to manual processes.

  • Single Point of Control

    Integrate existing IT systems with the sysHUB workflow to gain end-to-end insight into the steps of relevant document processes – all within one platform.

  • Great Connectivity

    Exchange data with other systems and integrate applications within the sysHUB document workflow, thanks to widely used connectors and modules.

  • Scalable for a Range of Business Processes

    Due to its modular design, the sysHUB platform can be used for a single, simple process, but is also scalable for handling a multitude of business-critical document management processes.

  • Identify and remove process inefficiencies

    Do you have insight into weaknesses in your document and communication processes? Do you know what they cost and how best to tackle them?

    Do your systems check, measure and validate every stage? How do you react when something goes wrong? Are solutions available quickly and easy to set up?

    Make document digitisation and communication processes more than an afterthought with uniFLOW sysHUB.


    “We’re now achieving both a much more effective production process and very high quality. We can provide a distinctive customer experience in terms of both logistics and content.”

    Rob Frencken Managing Director NHA prints educational material on demand, cutting costs and boosting flexibility NHA’s adoption of Document Production Automation resulted in increased productivity through document workflow automation, speeding up production times and moving to a print-on-demand solution for training materials, with errors corrected by automated workflow controls. No investments were required to update the legacy IT infrastructure and NHA achieved business cost reductions through increased operator productivity and by removing the additional cost to store training materials.

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