Canon introduces upgrade for 3D Machine Vision Recognition Software that meets wide-ranging part-provision needs of production lines pursuing automation

London, 20 July 2017 – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions announced that the company will make available 3D Machine Vision Recognition Software Version 2.0.0, an updated version of the recognition software for three Machine Vision System models: the RV1100, the RV300 and the RV500 (released in August 2015).


3D Machine Vision systems, which enable the three-dimensional recognition of parts, comprise a 3D Machine vision head, which houses the sensor, and 3D Machine Vision recognition software, which processes recognition data. When paired with industrial robots, 3D Machine Vision makes possible the automation of part-provision processes on production lines. For additional information about 3D Machine Vision systems, please visit the homepage at:

Amid growing demand for automated production, there exists an increasing requirement to perform picking of parts randomly piled in pallets. With this new software upgrade, the types of parts that can be picked has been expanded to reflect customers’ needs, improving usability and contributing to the advancement of automated production lines.

The range of parts that can be recognised in three dimensions with high accuracy has been expanded from its current size to include flat parts and highly lustrous parts. What’s more, supporting pallets with one open side that are easy for robot arms to enter and pallets larger than the measurement range1, the software upgrade meets the various part-provision needs of production lines across a wide range of industries, including the automotive and automotive components industries, as well as the electronics industry.

Until now, to be able to perform picking, a robot’s picking position had to be registered beforehand by operating the robot itself. The new upgrade makes possible the registration of a robot’s part-picking position from a PC without having to operate the robot. What’s more, through an improved user interface, the system setup and application have been simplified and expedited, reducing the burden on the user.

To meet the needs of a wider range of countries and regions, the software newly supports German, French, Korean and Chinese versions of Windows, in addition to English and Japanese versions2.

Canon will make the software upgrade available from July, 2017. Additionally, RV1100, RV300 and RV500 models purchased from July, 2017, will have the updated version of the software installed as standard.

1 When using the RV1100 Measurement Field Expansion Option (sold separately and available in early August), the measurement field expands by 71.4% to the following measurements, depending on the pallet size:
Increased width option: 1300mm (vertical and horizontal) and 600mm (depth).
Increased depth option: 1160mm (vertical and horizontal) and 900mm (depth).

2 Supports Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Sp1 for Embedded Systems 64 bit, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit SP1.